Bobby Womack is set to return with a new album this June called The Bravest Man In The Universe, which is a pretty bold statement to make.

The album is released on June 11th in the UK (12th in the US) and was co-produced by Damon Albarn and Richard Russell at at Albarn's 'Studio 13' in west London and New York's Manhattan Center between October and December 2011.

The tracklisting for the album can be seen below, as well as the artwork and stream of 'Please Forgive My Heart'.


  • 1. The Bravest Man In The Universe
  • 2. Please Forgive My Heart
  • 3. Deep River
  • 4. Dayglo Reflection
  • 5. Sweet Baby Mine
  • 6. Stupid
  • 7. If There Wasn't Something There
  • 8. Love Is Gonna Lift You Up
  • 9. Nothin' Can Save Ya
  • 10. Jubilee