Los Angeles experimental pop group Body Parts have released their new single, ‘Unavoidable Things’ via Interview, streamable here.

The new album, Fire Dream, out on October 29 from Father/Daughter Records, is a response to a vivid nightmare of band member Ryder Bach, in which he witnesses the murder of his parents by a close friend. The new album promises ominous and sensitively-textured tracks, and ‘Unavoidable Things’ is clearly an accurate foreshadowing: “Everyone fades away / it’s one of those unavoidable things”.

  • 1. Desperation
  • 2. Past is Coming
  • 3. Be A God
  • 4. Interlude a
  • 5. Unavoidable Things
  • 6. Helpless Child
  • 7. People
  • 8. Interlude b
  • 9. You Inside My Head
  • 10. Reprise, Prelude
  • 11. Wash Over Me