First there was 'Lipgloss Papaya (Club Mix)'. Now there's the Sour Mix. Both are the result of a collaboration between Night Slugs' executive producer Bok Bok and keyboardist/composer Sweyn Jupiter. Where the club mix is clearly suited to a club environment (the clue's in the name), 'Lipgloss Papaya (Sour Mix)' is definitely a solitary offering, best kept away from clubs.

Essentially this is a deconstructivist track, founded on fragmented crunchy beats filled with percussion sounds ranging from clusters of ticking hi-hats to dishevelled kicks that are as much the noise of someone biting into an apple as they are of someone stamping on an apple. Built around a glassy two-chord pattern for the most part, it also features relaxed synth strings towards the end, nocturnal ambient whistling noises, unearthly details that flit back and forth as irregular as the beat that underpins it.

Listen below.