Chrystal is the moniker of a young singer and songwriter from Bolton, whose natural effusiveness and captivating attitude has caught the attention of music makers and appreciators from around the country. She has previously teamed with London producer John Calvert for the cheeky recent single 'New Shoes', and the partnership has struck again with the great new track '2 Real'.

'2 Real' is Chrystal being her own hype man, telling anyone who deigns to approach her that she's "too real" for them. She's received plenty of attention from prospective partners, but she's not that easy. You might impress her if you understand just how she feels. All this attitude and realness is balanced out by the topsy turvy slightly bluesy and extremely snazzy production, which only enhances and emboldens Chrystal as the song's focal point.

Check out '2 Real' below.

News will hopefully be coming soon about an album.