Label: Island Records Release date: 08/03/10 MySpace I have liked Bombay Bicycle Club for some time now, and they're doing an excellent job of not being disappointing. These four lovely lads, or BBC as they refer to themselves, are happily touring around Europe and catching the attention they have long deserved with their album I found the blues but I shook them loose. The single 'Evening/Morning' is a sweet little foray into the higher end of sonorous lead Jack Steadman's most heart-wrenching vocals, contrasting with the slightly grimy guitar and throbbing bass which has previously helped secure them so much attention. The main problem, considering the powerful build-up and neat musical gear-shifts between the trembling chorus and thumpier interludes, is the brevity of the track. BBC's skill in keeping the emotionally charged hook endearing instead of creepy, and shunting swiftly between fractured chunks of bass and swirling guitar which inject just enough machismo to temper this, also intespersed with some lovely syncopated drums, is cut short just as it could have gotten even more powerful. For that reason it's more of a catchy, try-the-album sort of single than a long time player, but I would guess that it will serve this purpose amazingly for those not already enraptured by their quirky, effortless indie. Photobucket