Label: Island Records Release date: 05/07/10 Link: Myspace Crouch Ends finest indie rock band are back. And they are bigger and louder than ever! Well, actually, that isn't entirely true. For why Bombay Bicycle Club are most definitely back, they have decided to return not with a big, brash album full of dirty fuzzy guitars but instead with an acoustic record, Flaws, due for release later this month. It is a brave move for a relatively new band, especially considering the slow burning success they have achieved since their debut album I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose was released almost exactly a year a ago. So being brave is one thing then, but being good enough to pull it off is something else altogether. Fortunately though, Bombay Bicycle Club have very little to be concerned about in that respect. There are two tracks on this single, the first, 'Ivy And Gold' being a sublime, catchy piece of indie-folk pop, like Bright Eyes on happy pills. Nudged along nicely by a monotonous, unornamented drum beat and with the most perfectly simple yet addictive acoustic riff in recent memory. The melody follows suit and it all bounces along superbly for almost three minutes. It is a stunning track and a testament to the song writing capabilities of the band that they are able to change their style so completely and still sound like masters of a genre. The second track on offer here shares it's name with the album. In contrast to the first track, 'Flaws' sets a much slower pace. It uses some truly wonderful harmonies to adorn a gentle finger picked guitar and it works as beautifully as you might imagine. It is slow and sombre and it sounds like a long lost Nick Drake classic. The big irony of course, is that it is so difficult to find any flaws here. If all of this sounds as if Bombay Bicycle Club have rendered themselves almost unrecognisable by sound alone – well, that is because they have. These two tracks are the sound of a band trying new things, finding their feet, finding their way and discovering what they are capable of. Thankfully we've all been invited along for the ride. Bring on the album! Photobucket