Justin Vernon's latest project does not involve music or anything as conventional as that. Instead, having won two Grammy Awards earlier in the year, the Wisconsin-based singer's launching his own range of footwear. Yes, seriously. It will be titled The Ramos, and proceeds from sales will be donated to a number of animal charities. It was created in collaboration with shoe designers Keep, who aren't new to this kind of thing, having previously sought out Animal Collective.

They posted this on their website: "We are very pleased to announce our upcoming collaboration with one of our favorite bands, Bon Iver. Designed by Justin Vernon and using our trademark Ramos silhouette, the Keep + Bon Iver shoe features herringbone accents, a black fishbone detail across the toe, and a canvas upper custom dyed to a perfect pale salmon." If this sounds like something you'd fancy wearing, the shoes go on sale next month and cost $75 (about £50).