Just over a month ago Bon Iver shared a pair of new tracks, suggesting that there might be more to come in the near future. Now we have concrete news: the new Bon Iver album is called i,i and comes out through Jagjaguwar on August 30th.

Along with the announcement come another couplet of tracks from i,i; 'Jelmore' and 'Faith'. The former is built atop glitching synths, like a computer booting up and into gloruous life, while Vernon's warm baritone crests atop it. His lyrics are more linear than on recent albums, but are still open to radical interpretation; either way, images like "there's'is thrift store manager in a poke camadee and a gas mask on his arm," open up whole worlds of imagination. There's undoubtedly a sense of dystopia in 'Jelmore', as Vernon sings "we'll all be gone by the fall/ we'll all be gone by the falling light."

On the flip side we have 'Faith', a song built atop featherlight guitar, which couples with Vernon's falsetto in a way that recalls his earliest work. This is true lyrically too, as it takes a much more directly personal look at himself and his beliefs in the world around him. 'Faith' soon builds into a big and booming anthem, as he tells us "time and again, time to be brave/ content to the phrases that at dawn we ain't mazes, just some kind of pages." Again, the meaning is up for debate, but in Bon Iver's grandiose music, the effect is resounding and emboldening.

Check out both songs via their beautiful lyric videos below, which were created/produced/directed by Aaron Anderson and Eric Timothy Carlson.

Bon Iver's new album i,i is out August 30th on Jagjaguwar.