Swedish songwriter and producer Bonander's new single 'The Oracle' is a beautiful slow burner that builds and builds climaxing with her angelic vocals floating over gentle organs.

Despite the tracks beauty, 'The Oracle' is a call to arms against the ultra-right and sees Bonander (real name Ellinor Sterner) posing the statement in her repeated outro "What we stand for". Sterner explains, "I wrote The Oracle one day when I was particularly frustrated about the normalization of racism in Sweden (and other parts of the world). We disguise racist politics behind fancy words and hollow arguments and it is our responsibility to do something." Further explaining "The Oracle is about the responsibility to act as a privileged person. I want it's mellow organs and slow build-up to remind us of the ultra-right movements growing power and the dark history of the Western world. This single is meant to be dramatic and bombastic, because the meaning of it is no joking matter. It's god damn serious and people who say otherwise haven't understood the graveness of the situation."

'The Oracle' (with B-side 'Safe') will be released November 24th via Icons Creating Evil Art.