With 2018 nearly done and most of the internet more concerned with either looking back at the years' favourites (ranking stuff is both a cause and a consequence of our anxiety as a full-functioning civilisation, Norman O. Brown would say) or previewing what next year may bring, here at Bonjour Motherfuckers we predictably go against the season's EOTY trends by preferring to keep you updated on what's being done right now in Baguette Land, music-wise.

In addition to the customary gourmet musical selection we (hopefully) got you used to, this edition also features a very special visual contribution from my dear friend Pedro Ponte, the artist responsible for the über-fabulous illustration above. You can check out more of his work here and here — like Juniore would say, "magnifique!"


Marble Arch announce new album, share video for 'I'm On My Way'

The forthcoming new LP from Paris-based Marble Arch embodies an exciting new adventure in two ways, firstly due to the challenge a sophomore album represents for an artist, and secondly because it will be the first release from new label Géographie, that sees Nicolas Jublot (Hello Acapulco) joining forces with Rémi Laffitte (Atelier Ciseaux). 'I'm On My Way' is the (appropriately-titled) first taster from Children Of The Slump (which is set to hit the shelves next February), and the single is accompanied by neat, retro-looking video directed by Elliot Broué et Le Chenadec. You can check it out above.

Johnny Mafia release new album Princes de l'Amour

It's been two years since their debut LP Michel-Michel Michel hit the shelves, and Sens-based foursome Johnny Mafia are back with a brand new full-length filled with carefree, fuzzy tunes à la mode de Ty Segall or Black Lips. Princes de l'Amour features eleven infectious, no-frills-no-bullshit tracks that showcase the band's willingness to sticking to what makes rock'n'roll so great: having fun. Stream this wonderful collection of garage punk above; it's out now via Dirty Water Records.

Le Superhomard unveil video for 'Springtime'

Don't get fooled by the name: you won't have to wait until Spring for new music from Christophe Vaillant's amazing project Le Superhomard. Springtime, a collection of four dreamy tracks that perfectly blend indie-pop and soft electronica, is already up for grabs in baby pink vinyl via Elephant Records, and our advice is to get it while you can — it's limited to 500 copies. You can check out the Pooley-directed visuals for the EP's title-track above for a proper introduction to the release.

Saint DX unleashes new track 'I Still Care'

Smooth is Saint DX's middle name, especially when it comes to his new single 'I Still Care', a stunning, laid-back track slightly 80s' reminiscent whose THERESE-directed video you can check out above. Extremely soft and intense at the same time, 'I Still Care' is that warm cup of spiced cocoa you didn't know you needed in your life but are now unable to live without. Take a seat, enjoy the ride, and keep an eye on this Cracki Records' artist.

Grand Veymont announce debut LP reedition, share first single

We've already talked about this brilliant duo (which is in fact one third of another Bonjour Motherfuckers' favourite, Gloria) when they put out their album Route du Vertige earlier this year. Now Béatrice and Josselin are back with a reedition of their self-titled 2016 debut, a four-track beauty that has been rearranged and remixed for our listening pleasure. The album is set to hit the shelves in February via Outré (vinyl, cassette, and digital), and the first taster 'Les Rapids Bleus' (and debut UK single) of their luxurious "krautrock de salon" is now streamable via most platforms.

We may not have a "2018 best of" edition per se, but you know you can always count on the good ol' Bonjour Motherfuckers' ongoing playlist which is constantly being updated with everything we talk about here. Stream/subscribe/show some amour below.