March has waltzed in unexpected, the result of a sudden push from an out-of-time spring weather contributing to the customary "what do you mean February is over already". Except that this year the surreal sensation of accelerated time-passing is enhanced by the uncertainty brought about by the Ghost Of Brexit™, and an inexplicable apocalyptical feeling derived from a mix of uncertainty and the shrug emoji casts a permanent shadow over our everyday activities — music making and listening included.

Whatever the result (it's going to be shitty anyways so why worry in advance, huh), Bonjour Motherfuckers vows to remain a solid constant as your regular fix of music from across the channel, a subversion under the form of a heartwarming link to mainland culture. To further reinforce the UK-EU tandem this edition marks the return of the one and only Pedro Ponte, a Lisbon-based artist whose awesome illustration skills you can check out above. You can see more of his work on Tumblr and Instagram


Kap Bambino announce fifth album Dust, Fierce, Forever

Bordeaux-based duo Kap Bambino have announced they'll be putting out a brand new LP in the spring: Dust, Fierce, Forever is the band's fifth album and it's due out on April 12th via Because Music. Previewing the release is single 'Erase', an energetic, electroclash-driven tune whose video you can watch above. They play London's Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen on April 20th, but more EU/UK dates should be announced soon.

Fabulous Sheep release debut LP

After having put out an EP called Kids Are Back in 2016, Béziers quintet Fabulous Sheep have finally released a proper LP showcasing their infectious garage with a side of outrageous britishness. The self-titled full-length gathers fourteen contagious, carefree tunes that are both fun and addictive — as is their irresistible accent. Fabulous Sheep is out now via Bitter Noise/Microcultures/Differ-Ant/Hold On Music and you can stream it in full via most digital platforms.

You Man unveil new EP Tutti Va Bene

The name is English, they sing in Italian, but the band is French: Lille-based electronic duo You Man have just released a new EP called Tutti Va Bene, a collection of three nu-disco-meets-techno-pop tracks that will turn any place into an instant dance floor. Catchy and outrageously well-produced, the EP serves as a taster for an announced proper sophomore album which should be out sometime in 2020. Stream Tutti Va Bene above, and check the video for the title-track here. All's well indeed.

Christine releases new album Echoes of Dawn

If you're a fan of dark cinematic ambient à la mode of John Carpenter-meets-Giallo, then you're going to fall hard for Christine, the project of synth wizard Nicolas (and friends, as he makes sure to underline on his bandcamp page). Echoes of Dawn is his second proper full-length (debut Atom for Heart came out a couple of years ago but numerous EPs have been released since), and it comprises ten tracks recorded at Rouen-based Mouton Noir Records' studio. Check it out in full above.

Irene Dresel shares video for new track 'Victoire'

A breath of fresh air in the new French electronica scene, Irene Dresel is a musician, composer, and producer that has left the madness of Paris for a healthier, more wholesome life in the French countryside. 'Victoire' is the first taster of her upcoming debut album which is due out on March 29th, and its Gilles Degivry-directed video can be watched above. Keep an eye on her website for more info on the LP.

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