Ah, the first Spring rain! Even though it’s not quite the same as it is in Spain (in which it falls mainly on the plain), there are few things as magical as the smell of a new season in Paris: the air pollution, the permanent sewage smell in the metro tunnels — everything contributes to this wonderful feeling of renewal that arrives when the plants on your balcony decide to give it a go again after the bad ice burn they suffered from the unexpected snowfall from the previous month. And boy, do we have the best music to soundtrack these precious little miracles the réchauffement climatique so marvellously allowed for us to enjoy.

Before we dive into our picks for the saison, allow me to momentarily take you back to the first edition of Bonjour Motherfuckers — which got much amour from all of you, merci mes chéris — since two of the acts I had mentioned have now released their albums: you can stream J.C. Satàn’s new LP Centaur Desire here, and T/O’s Ominous Signs here. How’s this for a proper kick-off, huh?


Gloria release new mini-LP Oîdophon Echorama

Bonjour Motherfuckers #2 opens with the newest release from one of my current favourite French acts. Ever since the release of their amazing full-length debut In Excelsis Stereo — and even before that, when they were little more than a YouTube mystery — six-piece band Gloria have gained a very special place in my heart. Their new mini-LP Oidophon Echorama is out on March 9th via Howlin Banana/Ample Play, and is the pretext for an April UK tour that will see them play a headline show at London’s Islington on the 25th.

Still in Rock announce Ramones’ compilation featuring Kaviar Special, Good Morning TV, Regal, Wild Raccoon and more

Last month was also the 35th anniversary of the Ramones' legendary album Subterranean Jungle, so the guys over at Franco-english webzine Still In Rock decided to mark the occasion with a very appropriate bang: by inviting a dozen French acts to cover the album in its entirety. The result is due out on April 1st in both digital and cassette formats, but you can already listen to Good Morning TV’s ‘Outsider’ and Johnny Mafia’s ‘In The Park’ via the webzine’s Bandcamp page.

Le SuperHomard drop new EP The Pomegranate Tree

Hailing from Pope Town, EU aka Avignon, Christophe Vaillant's Le Superhomard released their first EP back in 2016, and are now back with the five cotton candy-flavoured tracks of The Pomegranate Tree, an electro-psych release directly influenced — according to the band themselves — by the likes of Ennio Morricone, Metronomy, and The Cardigans. The Pomegranate Tree came out on March 2nd via French-Swiss Le Pop Club Records, a label whose compilation Revolution des Tulipes makes for an excellent introduction to their fine array of artists.

Grand Veymont release Route du Vertige

Among the many excellent releases I missed last month was Grand Veymont’s new EP Route du Vertige - an absolute must-listen if you’re into hypnotic synths with a touch of psych-kraut and a slightly medieval ambiance. Featuring Béatrice Morel Journel’s voice in the forefront, Grand Veymont’s sounds are not only blissfully experimental and mature but also extremely addictive. The EP is out now via Objet Disque.

La Femme unveil video for ‘Always In The Sun’

Mystère was easily one of my favourite albums of 2016, and even though La Femme have been somewhat silent lately, they recently unveiled a video for the album’s English-sung bonus track ‘Always In The Sun’. Blurry, dark, and hypnotic, the clip was directed by the band themselves and Grace Hartzel, who lends the vocals to a song she describes as being about “a space pirate women who is singing in the space talking how she doesn't want to be on the dark side anymore. And she’s singing on her journey about how she learned to always stay in the sun.”


Not that this is new, but I’ve been playing Ruth’s 1985 debut LP Polaroïd/Roman/Photo, a marvellous gem of synth-Pop post-punk Frenchness. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the chance to redeem yourself is below.