People have been awfully agressive lately, haven’t they? Or at least that’s my perception of things, given the unnecessary amount of pettiness I’ve been witnessing both online and in real life. This is not a competition to see who’s the biggest jerk, people! Chill the fuck down and be kind to each other, the world’s already shitty without you actively contributing to it. Check your frustrations at the door, embrace the good things in life, and spread your love — like hayfever, a seasonal BRMC would say.

This edition of Bonjour Motherfuckers finds us amidst the early spring paradox, with the customary hormones of the season now flying wild and free while the actual weather becomes an important culprit of numerous wardrobe malfunctions. Where is the mildness we were promised, the lazy afternoons at the park, the nights spent with friends at a café’s terrace? While we patiently wait for better times both meteorologically and for humanity in general, here’s a handful of carefully-picked new French music to help you endure throughout these rough times. From Paris, with love.


Bad Pelicans release debut album Best Of

Don’t be fooled by the name. Despite being called Best Of, this is indeed Paris-based Bad Pelicans’ — sometimes stylised as “The Bad Pels” — debut LP, a slice of '90s-influenced indie punk which came out last month via Bristol label Stolen Body Records. The album’s essence is slightly reminiscent of early Wytches — albeit probably a tad less nocturnal — and makes for an absolute must-listen for any fan of Brooklyn-flavoured DIY with an European twist. You should also check out their awesome animated clip for single ‘Svrf Pvnk’.

Volage unveil new album Sittin’ Sideways

It’s been almost a year since Tours-based Volage released their single ‘Spleen’ — and even more since they treated us with a proper full length — so Sittin’ Sideways couldn’t come at a better time. Featuring a melodic folk-pop for fans of Woods and Quilt, Volage’s new eight-track release is both fresh and intense, making it the perfect companion for the first proper days of spring. Sittin’ Sideways is due out on March 30th via Howlin Banana.

Bon Voyage Organisation share video for ‘Soleil Dieu’

Described by the band themselves as “science-fiction to dance to”, Bon Voyage Organisation’s music is cosmic-inspired electronica with one foot in the not-so-distant Eurodisco past and another in a slightly vintage-coloured future. Their much-awaited debut LP Jungle ? Quelle Jungle ? came out in early March via Wedge/Sony Music and it’s a precious gourmandise of electro-disco with a jazzy frosting. Among the album’s tracks is ‘Soleil Dieu’, whose minimalistic video was directed by Visions Particulières and inspired by “Roger Corman, Dark Star & The Red One.”

Egyptology release new album Sur Les Autres Mondes

After a wait of six years, Parisian duo Egyptology have finally released their much anticipated new album Sur Les Autres Mondes, a four-track LP that was partly composed for a performance at the Louvre. Classy and retro, dreamy and futuristic, Sur Les Autres Mondes was mixed at the Red Bull Studios in Paris and mastered by Mike Grinser in Berlin. The album is out now via Hands in the Dark, but if you were thinking about getting your hands on a vinyl copy I have bad news for you: they were limited to 300 copies which sold like fresh baguettes.

Juniore unveil video for their cover of Yves Simon's ‘Les Héros de Barbès’

On April 27th a tribute album to French singer and composer Yves Simon is bound to hit the shelves; among the many artists contributing to the Génération(s) Éperdue(s) compilation are the likes of SOKO, Christine and the Queens, Moodoïd, and Paris-based trio Juniore, whose take on ‘Les Héros de Barbès’ has just got the visual treatment. Directed by Alice Kong, the clip is a colourful homage to spy movies with an unmistakeable mid-60s Swinging London aesthetic and full of retro references; it was shot in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, duly following the locations mentioned in the song (Barbès refers to the Paris neighbourhood around the Barbès-Rochechouart metro station), and stars other French artists and bands like Feu! Chatterton, Radio Elvis, Petit Fantôme, Clou, and Juliette Armanet. You can pre-order Générations Éperdue(s) here.