My assiduity in the first row of concerts improved dramatically over the past few weeks following a period of relative hibernation during which I rarely set foot on music-related events, and coincided with my being computer-less for about a week. Agreed, I wasn't exactly isolated from technology because hello smartphone but I couldn't be productive work-wise either, so I backed up my (almost) finished PhD thesis and enjoyed a couple of days of randomly improved socialisation while my much-needed alone time was spent between obsessive guitar playing and vacuuming.

The minute I dove again into the chaos of my multiple inboxes, I had loads of new music to explore, and even though I'm still in the process of catching up, some of them took a mere thirty seconds (sometimes less) to decide if they were something I was excited to turn you on to via Bonjour Motherfuckers (yes, I just used "excited" and "turn on" in the same sentence, summer does that to me). So without further ado, here are this edition's picks, curated by yours truly; thanks for coming back.


Laure Briard unveils video for ‘Cravado’

You’d think otherwise after hearing her sing in Portuguese, but Laure Briard is actually a Girl From Toulouse, not from Ipanema. ‘Cravado’ is the latest single from her forthcoming EP Coração Louco, due out soon via Paris-based Midnight Special Records. Recorded in São Paulo with a little help from her Brazilian friends Boogarins, Coração Louco is the result of a fruitful and refreshing multicultural tandem that sees Briard attacking her Tropicália and Bossa Nova cards like a proper carioca. Check out the Clement Leblanc-directed video for ‘Cravado’ above, and stay put for further news regarding the EP’s release date.

En Attendant Ana's new album Lost and Found to be released in the UK/US

Following the release of their debut EP Songs From The Cave about a year ago, Paris-based quintet En Attendant Ana are back with an exciting new LP called Lost and Found, which brilliantly showcases the band's remarkable ability to craft shiny lo-fi pop tunes. Released in Europe last month via Montagne Sacrée/Buddy Records, Lost and Found is finally hitting US and UK shelves on June 29th, courtesy of Trouble in Mind. Highlights like 'This Could Be, 'Ré', or 'The Violence Inside' (whose video you can watch here) will remain stuck in the back of your mind like bubblegum to the sole of your Converse All Stars way after the album is over, so listen at your own risk.

Juniore announce new album Magnifique, share video for title-track

We've already talked about Paris-based trio Juniore, one of France's best-kept secrets that may not remain a secret for much longer: with a brand new album due out in July via Outré Disque (and a cassette release to follow via Burger Records) plus a mini-US tour later this month, Anna-Jean & co. are bound to become the next big French music export. Magnifique is a splendid 8-track LP whose title-track has recently been illustrated by Julia Grandperret and Ludovic Azémar; classy and hypnotising, 'Magnifique' is an excellent piece of neo-freakout with a touch of Rive Gauche that will have you counting down the days until the full album is out. Head here for more info and pre-order.

TH Da Freak releases surprise EP under heros slacker français pseudonym

Prolificness is Bonjour Motherfuckers' regular TH Da Freak's middle-name: after having put out his excellent The Hood LP last February, the Bordeaux-based musician is responsible for the latest release of 1 ep par jour records ("one EP per day") with a four-track lo-fi adventure simply titled wow under his heros slacker français moniker. Legend has it he composed and recorded the whole thing in four hours, which in spite of the rather short tracks (two of them are under two minutes long) is beyond admirable. You can stream and download it for free via 1 ep par jour records' Bandcamp; since you're there, take some time to check the other releases as well.

Delacave unveil new single 'Face Au Grand Calme' from forthcoming LP Window Has No Glass

Seb Normal and Lily Pourie Chansard, aka Delacave, are back with the first taster from a brand new album that is due out early next month via their own label 24/Jamais and Teenage Menopause Records/Pouet Schallplaten/My Own Private Record (cassette). 'Face Au Grand Calme' is Window Has No Glass's opening track, a disturbingly soothing (or soothingly disturbing) piece of cold wave à la française, obscure and self-revealing in equal measure, whose video will cause you great anxiety due to the fact it was shot vertically.


Bonus: Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley & Pete Wiggs have recently put together a compilation for Ace Records to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the May'68 riots. Titled Paris In The Spring, the double LP features the likes of Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy, Jane Birkin, Jacques Dutronc, and Nino Ferrer, but also lesser-known names such as Léonie, Triangle, Cortex, and Bernard Lavilliers. You can learn more about this magnificent sonic adventure here, where you'll also be able to sample-stream the release.

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