Bonobo has released a new video for the single ‘Break Apart’ (feat Rhye) from his latest album Migration.

The video came about after director Spencer Creigh got in contact with Bonobo’s team with a video he had shot on a shoestring budget, the premise for which put three young couples in a motel room for 24 hours without access to phones, television or any other distractions.

As flies on the wall we are privy to all the intimacies of the three couples and begin to notice nuances based on the couples relationships, histories and characteristics. Creigh explains: “I wanted to create the sensation that you, as the viewer, are somehow participating in voyeurism by watching the video” Creigh continues “There’s this great dichotomy that you experience watching the video where you’re simultaneously moved by watching these very authentic moments of true feeling and then this uneasy feeling that you’re invading their privacy.”

Migration is out now on Ninja Tune.