Ninjatune, a label renowned for its alternative and stunning artists, always put on compelling and awe-striking shows. Tonight's was the turn of Bonobo, as he hit London's Troxy to bewilder the audience with his Low-fi electonica vibes.

With an eerie presence looming the venue and smoke bellowing in thick clouds, a heavy thud of bass came rasping out from the back of the stage as each band member slowly appeared through the mist. Coming in strong and powerful, a seamless blend between tracks took the audience by storm as tracks disappeared in layers, returning into something completely new, intriguing and different. 'Flutter' from Dial M For Monkey started the contagious dancing as the lower stalls descended into a sea of eager groovers.

With a set spanning most of Simon Green (aka Bonobo's) records the night was open to a range of styles, from the darker bass heavy new record Black Sands to the much more melodic Days To Come. With the added aid of Andreya Triana lending her stunning vocal abilities to the evening, tracks such as 'Stay The Same' and 'Eyesdown' came to a new lease of life, sounding even more marvelous than on record as her voice echoed the room.

The highlight point came with the drop of new track 'Kiara,' the crowd gasping as the first breaths of the strings opened lending itself obliviously into an even more awe-inspiring rendition of 'Ketto'. With the first half of the set finishing with an impeccable drum solo ending 'El Toro', the crowd couldn't want more enough, a standing ovation followed before the musicians returned to encore and then finish with an impeccable, and absorbing take on 'Days To Come's 'Between The Lines' with vocals from Andreya Triana again.

I think it's fair to say tonight was something special and proof that Simon really is a genius of the highest accord, showcasing what he does best in the most intense way. The evening left many people with an inspired and invigorated viewpoint of music, a fresh look at what is possible and the boundaries of musicianship. Now I just have to face the deepening sadness, that it'll be a while until I can witness it all again.