Tri-Angle Records has a new weapon in their arsenal with Boothroyd, a 21-year-old Manc producer of dark, industrial and sinister beats. Boothroyd joins a stellar roster of acclaimed producers such as Clams Casino, Evian Christ, Holy Other and Balam Acab. When an artist is signed by Tri-Angle Records they rarely disappoint and Boothroyd doesn't buck the trend as his Idle Hours EP is an original and impressive debut.

The EP was produced with a basic set up with what Peter Boothroyd described as "cheap, shitty headphones" but the end product has the same rough edged appeal as underground overlord Burial. Lead single and opening track 'NYC' is a dark and twisted echo chamber of breathy synths and a cutting guitar line. It's a skittering and claustrophobic track which sounds like the soundtrack to a brutal level of Japanese fighting game Tekken with helicopter blade sound effects and fizzing synths reminiscent of a megacity's underworld. In 5 minutes and 15 seconds 'NYC' manages to evoke more imagery and emotion than most producers create in a whole career.

'Skinned' is a more beat driven track but retains the dark cinematic qualities of 'NYC'. Opening quietly it grows into a powerful crescendo and fades into 'Colony' which is the EP's lighter moment. The Burial influence can again be seen with the recurrent beat but with a whole other palette of influences it never feels like a rip-off or tribute. It's a dark and bleak track which seems a natural creation of an inhabitant of a city as grey as Manchester. Thumping and industrial 'Y5' ramps up the intensity by sounding like a power drill having a fight with a bass drum.

"Music gave me something to do other than just knock on people's doors and run off," Boothroyd recently stated in an interview with Dazed, and on the basis of his debut EP it seems like a blessing that Boothroyd was so bored in North Manchester, as it's produced such a promising and exciting collection of music. Idle Hours is a brilliant EP which shows Boothroyd's confidence in his style and his skill in executing his vision.