Drumroll please: the identity of Boots, the producer behind 85% of Beyonce's self-titled platinum album, has been revealed! The New Yorker Jordan "Jordy" Asher revealed himself as the man behind the moniker yesterday after dropping his stunning new track 'Dreams' featuring none other than Queen B herself, an interview with Vogue, and a photograph of himself. He addressed his anonymity in the interview, saying “I never set out to be some ‘mystery dude,’” adding “That was just a side effect from my sidestepping the normal conventional thing most people do. Most people would have just ridden that wave and then probably just ridden it right down a well. It’s not hard to get caught up in the hype.”

He also discussed his experience working with Roc Nation, who he says encouraged him to keep putting out his own music after Beyonce dropped. They told him "if you don’t keep releasing things it means you’re afraid that you can’t write something better."

“The idea of it was freedom, in a lot of ways,” he expounded. “I’m free to make whatever sound comes to my head. I’m free to release it however I want, to whoever wants to hear it. And that was really, really invigorating. Most people don’t get the choice to do things on their own terms, especially in the Internet age. I didn’t court this ‘mystery’ idea, but I’ll go with it, I’ll run with it, because it allows me really interesting opportunities to release music and art in an unconventional way.”

He's currently working on his debut mixtape, but he's got a fair share of tracks already uploaded to his SoundCloud. In addition to dropping that track with Beyonce yesterday, he also released another song titled 'A Day in the Life of Jordan Asher' that you can stream below.