On the face of it, the only thing exuding the want to wish someone dead on Bored Nothing's 'I Wish You Were Dead' is the title - its nonchalant tempo and sedated vocal portraying quite the opposite and lending itself to somewhat of a juxtaposition. Lyrically and on closer inspection it becomes clear that the message is one without any real intent – as the mellow and repetitive guitar riffs drive the song along we're exposed to a story of cast-aside lovers and those retaliate death wishes we’ve all been guilty of after a few drinks (or none).

Overall, the track is a dreamily washed out and 90s infused haze sprung out of influence and a result of using only one mic in the recording process. With a decade revival having exploded, a musically nostalgic track like this one with a story that could belong in any decade could be said to have arrived at the party right on time.

Bored Nothing is out now via Spunk Records/Cooperative Music.