Cecil Frena has announced new plans for the follow up to 2011's Bodysongs.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Frena announced plans for an October release of new album Little Sleepwalker, due to be released through Audraglint Records.

"Little Sleepwalker is not a pop record. Instead, I essentially made a prog record built from pop and club signifiers. Scary words. Where Bodysongs is structurally direct, Little Sleepwalker is labyrinthine and circuitous: Where Bodysongs is vocally enthusiastic or hyper-earnest, Little Sleepwalker is withdrawn and even humble. … I imagine the role that pop music plays on Little Sleepwalker is going to be disorienting for a lot of people, because pop is usually on the throne and not the vivisection table."

Little Sleepwalker will be released on October 23rd via Audraglint Recordings.