In an act of technofuturistic trans-tasman producer solidarity, New Zealand's Borrowed cs has teamed up with Australia's Mannheim Rocket for a split magnetic cassette release on boutique Sydney label 3BS Records.

Titled Death In High Definition / Wasps, the release sees Borrowed cs and Mannheim Rocket each filling out a side of the tape with their own nine-minute-plus composition. 'Death In High Definition' sees Borrowed cs re-imagining naturalistic rhythm cycles through fuzzy drum machine treatments, modulation and the warmth of double cassette processing. On the flipside 'Wasps' is a shift in direction for Mannheim Rocket. Recorded live to tape, its running time represents a sonic and compositional departure from his sleek Canons EP and Mannheim Rocket LP. Working outside that paradigm, he takes us inside the pastoral world of English composer Vaughan Williams, in the process walking us through rave in the daylight hours, and the regretful happiness of partying well past the break of dawn.

Aside from limited edition magnetic cassette tape, Death In High Definition / Wasps is also available in unlimited edition digital download via Bandcamp.