Colour. Colour is the fabric, the be all and end all of life; without colour (or color if we are on the other side of the Atlantic ocean), the world would be a much more boring place, a grittier Sin City-Esque Dulux Dog less world. Bose agree with this idea and have announced customisable noise cancellation headphones that will allow you to ooze metrosexuality as you clash neon pink with neon green to create a headphone shade that the good doctor, Dr. Dre would shiver at. BEATS WOULD NEVER DO THAT.

What makes this an even more alluring offer is that Bose are offering this customisation on not just any headphone. You can customise the world renowned QuietComfort headphones.

Break the Trend

QuietComfort headphones are fantastic for the modern worker who needs to get down to the dirty in a frantic office. They are also perfect for the stay at home freelancer who needs to hear every delicate beat of the new Flying Lotus track. Retailing at $300, Quiet Comfort 25 headphones will require an extra $100 if you want to customise them, which I don't think is too bad for a piece for personal art. Think of it like a really expensive painting but one that you will actually use.

Make sure you jump over to the Bose website now and play around with the colour changer. It's slightly addictive and you need all the time you can muster to make sure that you create the perfect combination.

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