California metal band Bosse-de-Nage recently announced their fifth album Further Still for release through The Flenser on September 14th, along with the dynamic single 'Crux'. They have this week released the follow up to that, 'My Shroud'.

Bosse-de-Nage's new album title Further Still is an indication of their pushing their sound to new areas and extremes, and 'My Shroud' is a perfect example of that. For the first couple of minutes we're lured in by a tantalising and atmospheric guitar and synth - only to have that shredded by the advent of a sharp percussive and electrified burst. From there the members of Bosse-de-Nage seem to be hunting in a pack, each of their instruments sprinting alongside each other, thirsty for blood, and it's a non-stop thrill ride. Check it out below.

You can pre-order Bosse-de-Nage's Further Still here - and check out a rare interview with the band's Bryan Manning on Invisible Oranges.