Former Operator Please vocalist, Amandah Wilkinson, now performing under the moniker Bossy Love, released her debut EP, Me + You, on Oct. 21.

Some readers may have heard Wilkinson's recent collaboration with Baby Diego, Booty Bass EP, a three song collection of debauched, repetitive club bangers. Me + You is quite different, offering up catchy, world-influence electro pop.

Lead single 'Wind Me Up' is a pretty good example of what this EP has to offer: crisp drums, synthesized instrumentation, and plenty of hooks. Wilkinson even drops a rap to close out the song.

The four song EP was written and produced by Wilkinson and former Dananananackroyd drummer, Jon Baillie Jnr. On the surface it's polished electro pop, but peel away the layers to reveal '80s new wave synths, Middle Eastern instrumentation, and a hearty helping of vibraphones.

"The songs on the EP are about the course of emotions you endure when you find a new love interest. Chase, wonder, rejection, hurt and moving forward. Musically it takes it’s influence from rap, pop and tropical sounds I discovered during my travels," says Wilkinson. Listen below!