James Barr is Boston Building, the fascinating and infectious London-based producer who has perfected new-wave-pop on his glittering Lux-Lisbon featured single 'When You Need Somebody,' which is exclusively stream-able today, while available upon its official release on March 11. To be lifted from his forthcoming EP, the ambitious rework of London band Lux Lisbon's hit features the talented Charlotte Austen's powerful score-worthy vocals as well as razor-sharp production.

"I am working with some of the most exciting new vocalists in London who have brought their talent and energy to the project," Barr says of the forthcoming release. "The styles of the tracks vary - but essentially all come under the banner of pop. I am very influenced by what Brian Higgins did with Xenomania in the early 2000s (and what others have done many times before, e.g. Motown, Brill Building, etc) - i.e. working with lots of artists and combining diverse sounds and influences but always in a highly accessible and infectious format."