Ever hear some music so beautiful, so poignant that it makes you feel like you might cry as your heart opens up? If the answer is no, then *cough* yeah, me neither. But if the answer is yes, then you need to listen to Covey immediately. Honestly, skip my words and scroll right down to the group's new record, Haggarty, which we at The 405 are lucky enough to be debuting today.

The project of British expat Tom Freeman, Covey has a diverse framework for its sound. Pulling from the likes of Neutral Milk Hotel and Blink-182 with equal appreciation, Covey has fashioned itself into one of the more intriguing indie folk rock projects of the past few years, earning the acclaim of hundreds of thousands of listeners. And without the support of a label, no less!

From album opener '////' through closer 'In Or Out,' Freeman proves that he possesses a near-supernatural talent for writing compelling, honest and moving songs. This is a talent that should not be taken lightly. What we have here is a genuine talent, one who deserves all the attention he is receiving and then some. The record's sincere passion likely isn't hurt that Haggarty is a very personal project for Freeman.

"Haggarty is a compilation of moments in my life, it touches on being stuck in one place, past friendships and self exploration," says Freeman. "A large chunk of the album is written from others perspectives as a chance for me to jump in the mind of someone that I truly care or cared about. This record means the world to me and its an amalgamation of everything in my life that has impacted me to this day, from addiction and emotional distress, to simply missing my friends back home."

Tour dates are forthcoming from Covey, but in the meantime give Haggarty a listen below. It deserves your time more than almost any other record you'll hear anytime soon.