Consumed by the omnipresent anxiety of our current political and cultural moment, Boston post-punk outfit Black Beach is channeling all that negativity into a bruising yet cathartic release on its new LP Tapeworm. On the new album's first single, 'Sometimes This Body Lets Me Down,' the group unleashes a pounding and punishing reflection on the trials and tribulations of waking up each day in this uneasy world.

Featuring a hypnotic guitar riff, thunderous drums and a highly emotive vocal performance from Steven Instasi, 'Sometimes This Body Lets Me Down' taps into that sense of discontent and discomfort that sits inside of so many young people nowadays. But rather than turn too far inward, the song blasts that disquietude out with a heavy and unblinking attitude. Black Beach is not afraid to shy away from life's pains and the group is all the better for it.

" 'Sometimes This Body Lets Me Down' is a song about being self-conscious," says Instasi. "The older I get and with how prominent social media has become, it just seems like everyone always has a mirror held up to them and you’re just constantly comparing yourself to other people thinking, 'Damn, am I doing this right?' It’s pretty nerve-racking."

You can stream 'Sometimes This Body Lets Me Down' up above. Black Beach's upcoming LP Tapeworm is due out Oct. 11.