There has been something of a funk renaissance over the past few years. But few people have been dropping tracks that are quite as glorious as those of Jamil Rashad, better known as Boulevards. A member of the near-perfect lineup over at Captured Tracks, Rashad released a killer debut in 2016, Groove! Now, he has been dropping a few singles and the latest, 'Steady,' might be the best. Its music video premieres today through The 405.

The song itself sees Rashad teaming backup with Rollergirl!, the criminally underrated producer out of Athens, Ohio. The track is buoyed by punchy synths, chicken scratch guitar and another flawless hook from Rashad.

Somehow even more impressive may be the one-shot music video from director Dan Buyanovsky. Following Rashad throughout an imaginary night at the prom, the video builds upon the song's effervescent energy in all the best ways.

"'Steady' is a song about choosing to put yourself out there," says Buyanovsky. "For the video, I wanted to play on the retro idea of 'going steady' and stage a scene in a school where Jamil is wooing his girl, with a little help from the kind of friends we'd all be lucky to have. In the end, I hope we made the idea of committing look cool."

Check out the sublime video for 'Steady' below.