North Carolinian band Bowerbirds are a talented bunch, but they need some help from you on their Kickstarter!

The band are currently at work on their new album, and to help fund it they've started a Kickstarter campaign asking for funds in return for all kinds of things, including the LP itself. It's a crazy and rather nifty list of gifts and really, it will be totally worth it. You can view a couple quotes from the band below on what they'll put the money towards and a link where you can donate.

"We are so close to being finished with building and setting up our studio inside the room with high ceilings and log walls. We have the beginnings of a bunch of new songs that we can't wait to flesh out and record, and we have learned a great deal about recording our own music during the process of making our last three albums, including our time working alongside the incredible engineer, Brian Joseph, who taught us a lot while recording part of our most recent album, The Clearing, the rest of which we recorded ourselves."

"There is a certain magic that you can only get when working alone, on your own time, but which can sometimes be offset by less fidelity in the recordings, if you don't have good enough equipment to work with. That's why we want to be able to work in our own space, with a modest amount of good recording equipment, so we can work when the inspiration strikes, and make final recordings at any step in the process, rather than making detailed demos, and then having to start over to make final recordings. We believe that recording our music in a place we created especially for that purpose, by ourselves, will result in better, more inspired, recordings, for less money and in less time, than it would to make an album in rented space, on rented time."

It will also help fund Phil Moore's new side project, Island Dweller. Watch the campaign video below.