Back in June, LA-based boy wonder Boy Willows released his stunning single entitled ‘So Odd’. The gifted singer/songwriter whose real name is Landon Fleischman crafts perplexing sonic undertones permeating through the likes of jazz, R&B, and pop. His polished vocals and mesmerizing arrangements took us for quite the head spin with ‘So Odd’ and today we’re proud to premiere his debut EP, Woods At Night. The five-track album is a pleasant and captivating collection of tunes that find their way steering directly into the tunnels of experimental ambiences and coming-of-age delicacies.

With all of his elements at play, Boy Willows is adept in how he puts everything seamlessly together. He gets things started on Woods At Night with the opener, ‘Skip This’. The one-minute track is a transfixing and vivid jaunt through a strange pathway, featuring chatter in the background leading to someone walking to a car as we hear the driver’s door shut and the ignition turned on. In other words, Boy Willows is telling us it’s time to go and asking “are you ready to take this ride?” From there, he leads into his first single of 2018, ‘Flawlessa’. This tune dives headfirst with its moody echoes and R&B-inspired textures.

The third track ‘Night Owl’ finds Boy Willows performing in the aural realm where infectious hooks and grooves occupy the scene. Follow up track ‘Floral, What They Do’ ascends to grander heights for Boy Willows. His four-minute endeavor merges a multitude of sounds within several different genres to produce something entirely different. Woods At Night wraps up with the serene single, ‘So Odd’. The exceptional track leans on the likes of alt-folk with a disco-infused framework in motion. It’s a calm outing, one that allows for Boy Willows to confront anxieties head-on. However, positivity sinks in with the song’s luminescent beats and unique quirks that will pull listeners further in with each listen.

While the EP is under 18 minutes long, there’s quite a bit to discover from start to finish. In that time, the blending of genres, the idiosyncratic narratives, and inimitably elegant qualities of every track will have you coming back for another joy ride in no time.

Here’s your first listen to Woods At Night EP by Boy Willows: