Deerhunter frontman, Atlas Sound figurehead, and all-around enigma Bradford Cox will be releasing his personally-penned soundtrack for the upcoming Matt Wolf documentary Teenage, next month.

The film catalogs the preeminence and evolution of teenage culture from as far back as the late-1800s and 1900s, which might be the whimsical historical niche Cox has been waiting for. It's based off the book of the same name from author Jon Savage, who also cataloged the history of the UK punk scene in the enigmatic England's Dreaming. Narrators Jena Malone, Ben Whishaw, Julia Hummer, and Jessie Usher are also featured in the film, which is set for limited theatrical release March 14th.

The soundtrack will be released March 11th, courtesy of Cinereach Music. Check the entire tracklist below as well as the official trailer for Teenage below.

Teenage Soundtrack tracklist:

  • 01. Natural Harp Monitor
  • 02. Skeleton Disk Loop
  • 03. Snow on Cape
  • 04. New Prairie Blackout Pattern
  • 05. Canopy
  • 06. Daphne Duck
  • 07. Harlem Crepescular
  • 08. Paprika Expose
  • 09. Pastel Ruins
  • 10. Milk Glass Metronome
  • 11. Planetarium
  • 12. Doctor October
  • 13. Kate
  • 14. Wireless Fantasy No. 1
  • 15. Dream Logic
  • 16. Spanish Plastic
  • 17. VHS Dream (Teenage)

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