Braids have shared the video for 'Taste', a track taken from their album Deep in the Iris, released earlier this year. Directed by Kevan Funk, the video, arriving via Nowness, features shots of singer Raphaelle Standell, sometimes surrounded by dancers, mingling together with other scenes of naked people in various locations; watch it below.

Explaining the idea behind this clothesless video, Funk said via Braids' Facebook:

"I see this as a series of scenes of various people (all different ages, races, orientations), mostly in their homes, naked. I see it as these scenes that would almost feel a bit like portraiture, these images that have a mixture of being beautiful and in someways haunting. Maybe just people alone, maybe together, not entirely sure. I like the idea of the viewer projecting this idea on to the individuals, that refrain of ‘we experience the love that we think we deserve’ somehow leading us to assume the type of life these people have had, who and how they love and have been loved."