The wonderful Braindead Collective (featuring members of Guillemots, and Oxfordian groups The Epstein and Keybord Choir) have joined up with Rob St John to record a Christmas track in aid of Shelter. The song, 'The Whites Of Our Eyes', is available via a donation to homeless charity Shelter. You can do download the track by clicking here! Players: Chris Beard - electric organ, Jon Berry - guitar, Phil Oakley - bass, Sebastian Reynolds - synth, Greig Stewart - ambience + percussion, Rob St John - guitar + lead vocal, Andrew Warne - guitar. Braindead Collective all sang backing vocals. Credits: Recorded and mastered by Andrew Warne. Live performance captured at St Michael At Northgate Church, Oxford on 27th November 2010. Song written by Rob St John. Arranged and performed by Rob St John and Braindead Collective.