Viv Albertine (ex Slits guitarist) joins up with experimental band Braindead Collective and Snowflakes (Zoë Street-Howe) to record Viv's Christmas song, 'When it Was Nice'. Recorded by Kristian Craig Robinson at Studio Plateaux. A melodic, poignant remembering of childhood innocence and trust, with a skewed and intense musical interpretation by BDC. Viv met BDC when they were both appearing on The Late Late Breakfast Show on Resonance Radio 104.4 FM a month ago. They hit it off immediately, played their first show together at a friend's birthday party a week later, never having played together before. The improvisation worked and in that spirit they decided to record one of Viv's songs as a Christmas track available as a free download and here it is.... (hit the news tab) Viv Albertine - acoustic guitar and vox Snowflakes (Zoë Street-Howe) - vox and glock Braindead Collective: Seb Reynolds - electric guitar Jean de Talhouët - electric guitar Phil Oakley - bass guitar Martin Dean - drums Chris Alcock - trombone Neil Walsh - viola Ben Kreukniet - MPC sampler drones