Welcome to Label Picks for New Music. Every fortnight we invite a label to pick one up and coming band on their own label and another not associated with the label. This third edition features London-based Brainlove where label owner John Rogers gives his picks for the best new music.

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I'm John Rogers aka John Brainlove. I am a 6'3", bearded male homo-sapien with green eyes and a scar above the right one. I started this DIY label Brainlove, from a position of complete inexperience, in 2003, and have worked my way into the music industry since then, working in various capacities as an A&R, writer, label manager, publicist, a promoter, manager, DJ, editor...bits of everything. As well as Brainlove I currently head up the digital department at Freeman PR, edit the music section of free London newspaper Snipe, and am a co-founder of a new management agency called PROJEKTA.



Just one? The most recent releases on Brainlove were label debuts - the long-in-construction We Aeronauts EP (shown above), a folk-pop collection written in France a couple of years ago and recorded and mixed all over England. It's super wholesome, youthful and optimistic. Lovely stuff. Then we have Bastardgeist's debut album, a collection of his brilliant, haunting, drone-melodies from the last few years. He's from Chicago, and came over to Airwaves with us last year - Joel's voice is just incredible, especially live. And next we have an EP from Bleeding Heart Narrative, a band we've long admired for their exhilarating, anthemic, upbeat post-rock. The main guy in the band Oli Barrett has been writing and recording with Mat Riviere, who's also on Brainlove - he's kind of been a part of the extended family of the label for ages. He's an incredible musician, able to build up layered arrangements that really get the adrenalin flowing. I love it when I'm watching a band and I get a really hard rush of adrenalin. BHN do that...

You can hear more of We Aeronauts here



I come across a lot of brilliant bands through my other work. There's a rule of only working on stuff I really love. I'm co-managing a stunning Icelandic band called Apparat Organ Quartet - an analogue kraut-dance-prog-pop kind of thing with four organists and a drummer. They're incredible - they have been going for a long time - very well established. Their new album Polyfonia is amazing - kind of somewhere between Add N to X, Keyboard Choir and Kraftwerk maybe - I'm really enjoying working with them - it's a huge logistical challenge moving them and their 300kg of gear around for shows.

We're also working with Gazelle Twin (shown above) - an artist who has created a rich visual and conceptual world in her work. The album is called "The Entire City" and seems to contain scenes, sounds, colours and ideas that tug at the edges of your imagination somehow...

Loads of good music seems to be pouring out of the Nordic countries. There's a band called Gus Gus that've been around forever but are not currently releasing in the UK somehow. Their new album "Arabian Horse" is just fantastic - a really soulful reinvention of techno.

You can hear more of Gazelle Twin here