Pretty much everyone over on "emo music Twitter" absolutely lost their minds yesterday when Brand New completely erased their Instagram and replaced it with a brand new press photo, and apparently that was big enough of a thing for multiple outlets to report on, but the real gem was yet to come. That night, the band performed in Denver at the Fillmore Auditorium and kicked off their set with a brand new (heh) song that, according to Property of Zack, is titled 'Don't Feel Anything'.

It's the band's first new song in 6 years, following up from their incredibly polarizing 2009 effort Daisy, and who knows? Maybe 2015 will be the return of Brand New. But maybe it won't, and maybe they're just playing us all for suckers, because they've been really great at doing that over the last six years, haven't they? I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though, as 'Don't Feel Anything' is a massively noisy track that finds Jesse at his best (read: most angsty). Watch the fan-shot footage below.