Soul songstress Brandy might not be Beyoncé huge in the UK right now, but she's still a household name to anybody brought up on MTV and Radio 1 during the late 90s/early 00s.

it's a shame really, because her recent release, the Frank Ocean-penned 'Scared of Beautiful', is a champ of a smooth R&B jam, showing that perhaps it's her marketing that could do with a kick in the pants.

It seems it's not just her album Two Eleven that's been overlooked by the wider world though, if reports from South African Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day are to be believed. According to attendees, despite the 90,000 capacity of the FNB Stadium, the venue only saw 40 audience members show up for Brandy's performance.

It's thought that rather than S. Africa being particularly anti-Brandy, people just weren't told she was going to be appearing and had left the festival before she arrived. She bravely played through two tracks before leaving the stage. Recent statements from the South African media share the sentiment that nobody even knew the concert was happening.

Afripop Mag stated under an article in FACT magazine about the event: "In defense of Brandy, NO-ONE knew that there was even a concert going on. No reflection on her at all."

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