Apparently, London-based producer Breakage (real name James Boyle) "only records music at night" – "When the birds start tweeting and people get ready to go to work," reads the press release, "he stops working." I like that – it's unconventional, potentially health-damaging, mildly mind-ravaging: it's the creation of art. (Disclaimer: not all art).

You'll be pleased to know that his latest track 'To Be Around You' fits the bill in terms of nocturnality. It's a bouncing house-shaped vessel of growling electro, replete with irregularly arpeggiated bleeps and an old-school-flavoured, garage-leaning vocal sample, washed at the calmer intersections between the tensed-muscle beats with muffled 'n' moody synth chords. Please enjoy the track below.

It's taken from his upcoming album, the aptly titled When The Night Comes, out on 25th May via Digital Soundboy.