Title: Breakdance 1 and 2 (DVD) Release Date: 6 April 2009 Breakdance (along with it’s sequel Electric Boogaloo) has to be hailed as a serious contender for most 80’s movie ever. A bold claim certainly, but with weapons of mass distraction such as insane moves, street ‘tuff’ fashions and plot lines centering on fighting evil corporate yuppies through the medium of dance, the movies could scarcely fail. It comes as no surprise that the ludicrously cheesy scrapes involving the three main characters; Ozone, Turbo and erm, Kelly are merely a vehicle for them and their mates to show off some stunning dancing. Still, the filmmakers were unlikely to have been going for depth of characterisation or plot development when coming up with the initial ‘concept.’ As an often hilarious and always endearing slice of 80’s nostalgia the Breakdance films are hard to beat. Worth the price alone is a blink and you’ll miss him Jean Claude Van Damme breakin’ away and a slightly embarrassed looking Ice T, rhyming in a distinctly non-gangsterish fashion. Fresh!