More from Breton! Their new track 'Port Of Call' rings out with moody thumps and toppling building bass modulating throughout, popping synth like empty glass bottles tumbling down desolate deserted stairways. It is the sound of rust and urban decay, of grey skies – with actual samples of pouring English rain (I can only assume) – and once-great places.

Resonant piano shares its chordal dust with the grinding crunch of the synth, a clash of flavours; this is silent, with no vocals, yet as loud as Breton have been, at least for me. Why more people aren't going mad about these guys, especially in the UK, is really quite puzzling.

Pre-order the album here. They play Heaven in London on December 2nd (tickets here).

Discovery: Check out another bonus track from the deluxe edition of their album War Room Stories (out 10th November), 'Exit Rows'.