I first saw Breton back June of 2012 at Cargo in Shoreditch. It's not a big room, and it was far from being packed. What struck me even more than the music was the quality of the projected visuals the band had also created. Each song was accompanied by its own short film. Fast forward to March 2014 and not more than a stone's throw away at Village Underground, it was a completely different scene, with the venue packed with an adoring crowd.

In those intervening years, the band has been very busy, recording a second album (War Room Stories) and touring extensively throughout Europe (like many London bands looking to earn some money), where they have clearly picked up a huge following, judging by the number of continental accents and languages being spoken by the fans at the front of the stage. The band have also further honed their skills. They are an even tighter outfit now, and while there is an obvious equanimity amongst the members - they were continuously swapping instruments - it is singer/guitarist Roman Rappak who is clearly the front man and enjoying his place in the spotlight. The quality of the films has also improved. These shorts could easily compete with anything else on the film festival circuit, and definitely in the burgeoning music video world.

The band played a strong 16-song set (14 + a two-song encore) that had the fans dancing and singing along, and shouting requests, although this did not persuade the band to deviate from the set list. At one point the band stopped to turn their camera phones on the audience.

The evening was opened by London three-piece DEMS. A synths and guitar combo, with soprano/falsetto vocals, reminiscent of James Blake and the lesser-known Cloud Boat. This was their last UK gig before they, and seemingly every other band in the land, head off to SXSW.