It seems as if New York–London label Cascine can do no wrong. Their artists and the music they make are just, well, they're really great. Last Sunday I played a random track on their SoundCloud and left it running when I realised that I had to do literally no track skipping – everything was lovely.

And so it is with their latest offering, 'Chalon' by Washington DC-based Brett. It sways with slo-house rhythm and columns of sub-bass, drenched in dreamy flavours that combine with cutesy pop hooks in the vocals for a slice of summerised fun. Flanging synths fluidly zing through the air towards the end as the hook gets picked up by a guitar, layering sounds for a blissfully expansive finale.

If you like this, there'll be more indie-dance on Brett's debut self-titled album, out 20th May on Cascine of course. Grab it here.