There's masterminds in the music world, that is for sure, but if you were to look for who has constantly pushed the bar in terms of musical prowess and innovation, I would have to say Brian Eno might be the most appropriate choice. The man is up to his usual creative ways, having now released an iPad app for those who want to compose music, called Scape. It was designed with Peter Chilvers and currently retails on iTunes for $5.99.

It's a very creative app and below, you can see an excerpt from the Guardian where Eno spoke with them about the app.

"I felt what was very interesting to do as a composer was to construct some kind of system or process which did the composing for you. You'd then feed inputs into it, and it would reconfigure it and make something beyond what you had predicted. I worked on things like that for a while: Music for Airports and Discreet Music were examples, but they represented recordings of these processes in action. What I really wanted to do was be able to sell the process to somebody, not just my output of it."