We've collected a few news stories together because a) life is too short and b) who cares about pageviews?

The UK has had enough of Prince, set to play Arsenio Hall on March 5th:

The tiny purple rockstar has confirmed he'll be performing a number of songs on Arsenio Hall next week, which should also include an interview. We were going to make a joke about ticket prices, but it's far too early for that.

Beck to appear on SNL, he's not very funny:

The image above should give you an idea about how hilarious the promo video is, but just in case you're terrible at judging situations, watch it below.

Proof of the Illuminati? Drake wheels out Kanye in Berlin:

Drake went to extraordinary lengths to prove how much he loves Kanye last night at his concert in Berlin. He allowed West to perform 'Black Skinhead' in front of an audience that wanted to listen to some weepy hip-hop, and then came out with this:

"This is the reason I'm standing in front of you today, this is the mentor, this is the God, this is the genius of all geniuses, this is the man that is Kanye mothafucking West."

Ok bro.

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