While Nashville is still best known for country, it has a pop scene that amasses more converts every day. At 16, Brigetta moved to Nashville to pursue music, quickly signing a publishing deal with Prescription Songs. Originally performing in the duo, Truitt, Brigetta is now looking to bring her solo work to light. At 19, she is ready to bring her stories center stage.

One of which is called ‘Tic Tac Toe’.

As Brigetta explains, “I wrote part of this chorus mindlessly one day. I loved how fun and weird 'Tic Tac Toe’ sang. So, I brought the idea to a session with Gabe Simon and Brett Truitt. We wanted to create something fun and playful with the concept of being sick of games in a relationship. I feel like, the majority of conversations I have with guys, it’s always the same routine of waiting and initiating... It’s a whole balancing act between playing it cool and being forward. I got to the point where I went through it so many times, that I was just over it. So we wrote this track poking fun at it all.”

While the track is good-natured, there is something to be said about the thread of balancing flippant playfulness and earnest direction. Brigetta’s vocal tones are focused. The way she threads each note keeps the singing conversational. There are moments she could’ve pushed, but Brigetta sustains that feeling of keeping it cool.

But when she sings, “Boy, you weren’t even close," the words and notes drop off under the weight of her unsurprising disappointment.

The minimalist beats and bubbling bass line will have you dancing, keeping the song aloof and unbothered. So, check out Brigetta’s debut single, ‘Tic Tac Toe’, as you reevaluate how you’re handling those texts with your local crush.