It's time for me to introduce a new pop entity into your life and convince you why you should give them your attention and hard-earned money. On this occasion, it's really simple because Sea Bed are already on the path to ethereal pop greatness.

Based in the musical town of Brighton, this self-described "Organic Electronic band" are made up of Lizzie Massey and Jim Corbin, but don't go thinking this is another "she does the singing, he does the production" band - in fact, it's quite the opposite. Both handle keyboard and programming duties, while Corbin adds guitar expertise and Massey covers the bass and vocals. The pair met a few years ago through their mutual love for classic R&B, disco, and techno but only truly came together as a band in the last 12 months or so.

Their debut EP Moving Ghosts was released in March of this year after various obstacles with management and label issues, but it was well worth the wait - the EP's unique take on R&B-infused ethereal pop was highly praised upon release and the title-track recently made an appearance on Spotify's Fresh Finds playlist.

Following a well-received appearance at The Great Escape and ahead of an appearance on the BBC Introducing Stage at Glastonbury, Sea Bed release their new single 'Young' this Friday (June 17th) and The 405 has your first listen. In the time between Moving Ghosts and 'Young' Massey and Corbin have refined their sound further into a glossy, slick slice of pop perfection that channels Jessie Ware or Sade, with an ethereal, electronic sound that could even make Friendly Fires or Ben Khan jealous. It's a stunning follow-up that lays their intentions bare for all to see and might just be one of the best records you'll hear this year.

"['Young' is] about the concept of meeting someone who opens your mind, and shows you different perspectives on life, with all its mystery and duality," the band told us via email. "[It's] about the moments of nostalgia as you remember how much of a catalyst for growth that person was for you. Ultimately as we grow older we are not remembered by what we said or what we did, but by how we have made people feel."

Sea Bed play Glastonbury on June 25, followed by appearances at Secret Garden Party and Club NME in July. The Moving Ghosts EP is available now on all good digital platforms while new single 'Young' will be released on June 17 via Four Thieves Records.