It's been four, long years since Brighton's hidden gem Elli Ingram made her musical introduction with the brilliant Sober EP. Along with long-time collaborator Felix Joseph, Sober made a strong first impression with cuts such as 'Mad Love' and the heartbreakingly stunning 'Fun'. Since then, Elli has been locked away working towards her highly anticipated debut album, which may finally be nearing completion.

Taking herself out of her musical cave, Ingram returns to share 'Nobody Cares', which once again was produced by Felix Joseph. Ingram made a note on Twitter to point out that this was "just music" and not a single, with co-writing assistance coming from Jordan Rakei, and Marco Bernardis playing the sax. "Its fucking hard tryna keep your head up in this world," she wrote on Twitter. "I struggle with life a lot. Sometimes it feels like nobody cares." We care Elli, and we're glad to have you back.