Pictures: Dann Wadeson + Fern Edwards (Full slideshow at the bottom) Brighton is a cool city. Of its many charms, one that entertains me on a daily basis, on a stroll through the level into The Laines or back from the station, is the graffiti. A few weeks ago myself and fellow Brightonian Fern strolled out (on the same day, incidentally, as the Brighton Annual Naked Bike Ride...but no pictures of that I'm afraid) to document some of the best. Now, this isn't comprehensive; Brighton isn't a big city but even so it has so much graffiti, some of which neither of us have probably ever seen, we can only hope to offer you a few of the tastiest visual morsels. Around the side of the North Laines. A few years ago this was a different image...but this current one is too good to do-over for a while! Incredible Tron-inspired, opposite wall to the above image. Man...i love sci-fi graffiti! Near Brighton station, on a beautiful day. The massive wall of graffiti is stunning when viewed from a distance or driving past. Originally all the boards were put up to surround a building project, then when they all became covered in awesome graffiti they decided to leave them up for all to enjoy. Nice one Brighton and Hove City Council! (makes a change...) 405 photo-journalist extraordinaire, Fern Edwards everybody! We disagree on Spektor's latest though!