Briston Maroney calls Nashville home, but he's only arrived there after hopping all around the United States. His nomadic tendencies shine through on his big, robust rock and roll sound, drawing together an eclectic mix of Florida, Los Angeles, Nashville and beyond under one roof. The end result is one of the most compelling rock sounds of 2018. For proof, look no further than Maroney's latest single, 'Under My Skin.'

'Under My Skin' is a propulsive, stomping guitar track, highlighting Maroney's skills as both an instrumentalist as well as a vocalist. The guitars provide the core foundation for the track moody atmosphere but it is Maroney's emotive, bluesy vocals that turn 'Under My Skin' into a must-listen (and a must-listen-again).

"'Under My Skin' was our attempted musical tribute to my early-teen obsession with Zepplin and the Doors, and a song that ended up substantially less badass than them," explains Maroney, humble as ever. "That being said, it's still one of my favorites to play live and hopefully will mean something to other kids who didn't really wanna play football in high school but did it anyway”

You can watch the video for Briston Maroney's 'Under My Skin' up above. If you are in Nashville, be sure to check him out tonight at High Watt for a performance you won't want to miss.