This year's Brit Awards were clouded by controversy, following backlash against the nominations' lack of diversity. The viral #BritsSoWhite hashtag quickly followed, as well as statements from Brit Award chairman Ged Doherty, who stated that he would look into making severe changes. And it looks like he made good on his word.

Doherty has now announced a new voting system for next year's awards, which will make it the most diverse group in the history of the Brits. The new voting body will include 700 new members, which will adjust their current male to female ratio from 70:30 to 54:48. 17% of which will be people of colour (from BAME backgrounds.)

"I'm really proud that we've taken firm action to refresh the academy to ensure that it keeps up with trends in music and society at large. I believe that as a result of these changes the Brits will be better equipped to reflect the diverse nature of Britain and British music," Doherty said.